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Planetary Meditations: Paintings by Peter Hill

Saturday, December 3, 2016 from 12 - 7 pm
Viewings by appointment only at 416-522-9915

“The work of Peter Hill lends itself to immersive reflection – a pull between the micro and the macro, it allows the viewer to find a resting ground in chaos. To find a still moment on the surface of his tondo works is to find stillness in the nature of all things.

The circular surfaces, which seem to simultaneously hold undulating planes and subaqueous depths inherently, speak in their complex organic fluidity to the state of accretion, of ecosystems in both in growth and in recession.

To look is to give the self a moment of awareness, to understand it’s response. His process is deeply meditative, reflective, and self-aware of the moment when a painting becomes finished. However, and perhaps more importantly, his work though personal in its creation is made for the viewer. It is giving us, just as a satellite might offer a glimpse at an image of the world we are on, a new sense of perspective, of investigation, and throws us into our own celestial bodies. -Corrie Jackson

Note: The exhibition will continue for three weeks when the gallery is open or by appointment. Call 416-522-9915 for info.

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